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Customer experience

User friendly menu, usual order taking interface, your guests will be delighted to see how simple it is to order in your restaurant.

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Taking orders

Your customers will be able to sit, look at the menu, and order as soon are they are ready. They won't need to grab your waiters attention.

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Your menu

Your menu will be fully manageable. You can add your week/day specials, adjust your prices. Out of stock? Just remove this dish for the day !

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No setup or hidden fees

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Create your restaurant

Create your restaurant yourself, no need for a form to be sent by mail. Enter your mail, your address, your restaurant name and your restaurant will be ready to take orders within minutes.


Your orders

Your restaurant will have his own back-office. Your customer will be able to live interact with you. From creating an order, to simply ask for another drink throughout their meal. More features to be discovered.

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Customer orders and payments

Scan a QR code, direct access to your restaurant menu, order. Three steps that bring a lot of value to your customer. Do they need to pay at the till? They can. Do they want to pay by card on their phone? They can.

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